Car Rent

Car rent in Kyrgyzstan.

Toyota 4Runner:

01-07 days - 60 $ 
08-15 days - 50 $
16-25 days - 45 $

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80 $ 

Lexus GX470:

1-07 days - 60 $ 
8-15 days - 50 $
16-25 days - 45 $

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80

Toyota Land Cruiser 200:

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80 $ 

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 100 $
16-25 days - 90

Lexus LX470:

01-07 days - 60 $ 
08-15 days - 50 $
16-25 days - 45 $    

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80

Car rent without a driver: 
It is very comfortable to rent a car without driver for the business trip or travelling around the country. If you take car in rent in our company you will understand how it is easy. Only in our car rental company you can find car which will be suitable for your wish. You will enjoy of your trip without driver. We guarantee you the best service.

Toyota 4Runner

This is the best car with which you can drive through the mountains. This car is the most popular car between the clients. The price of car rent is very good. Because of well - knit size of the car Toyota 4Runner is best car for travelling around the country. Kyrgyzstan is mountain country and 93 % of the country covered with mountains, you have a great chance to travel around mountain country on the best auto!

Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia which is a big SUV. This is strong, large and spacious auto with different characteristics of passability. This car is good for driving on the off-road and mountains roads. Toyota Sequoia is comfortable car for tourist. Because of its advanced equipment Toyota Sequoia is suitable for traveling around mountain country. The main feature of Toyota Sequoia is a high quality of comfort. If you have family vacation this car could help you because it has two additional seats. If you choose Toyota Sequoia you will get the best trip in your life!

Lexus GX 470 
The car Lexus GX470 is a SUV. This auto is of superior class which can overcome any off-road terrain. Lexus GX470 has all-wheel drive system and the V8 engine of 4.7 liters. This qualities makes the car of premium class, it is very convenient model of the car. The automobile Lexus GX470 shows high ecological compatibility. You will be surprised to know about car rent price. It has compact sizes; Lexus GX470 is the most well - known car as for the business trips within the city, as for mountain roads in Kyrgyz Republic. Drive with Lexus GX470 and your dreams will come true!

Lexus LX 470

Lexus LX470 is the huge SUV which is of business class. This is a luxury version of the 4X4 cars.  Because of a luxury class Lexus LX470 gives to the clients a high quality of comfort. This is very beautiful car with a great design which combines the beauty and elegance. This is spacious car and it is intended for seven people. It is good car for the family trips! Lexus LX470 can be used not only on the mountain off - roads but also for the city's roads. Lexus LX470 takes care of safety. Let's your choice will be in the support of the Lexus LX470 and you can be lucky!



Car renting conditions:
If you would like to rent a car you should be not younger than 25 years old
You must have driver's license
You must have passport

The car exploitation:
You should drive 250 km per day. If you have extra distances you pay an extra price 0.35$ per 1 km
If you would like to travel abroad you should agree with Company. 

Car's delivery:
Company delivers the car around the clock for free
The price of the rental car includes:
Insurance of the car (you can see below)

The payment can be accepted by:
Banking transfer

Conditions of payment:
You must pay the full car rental price upon receiving the car
Put security deposit of 400 $ and it will be given back after you receive the car.

Deposit partly or completely can be taken by the company in the following cases:
If the tires on wheels were damaged; if you broke windows we would kept only the sum of damage.

If the client scratched or damaged the car:
If you damaged the car less than the sum of 500 $ - we will keep only the sum of damage.
If you damaged the car more than 500 $ - we will keep the sum of 500$, and the rest the sum is covered by the insurance. 
If you totally broke car - we will keep the sum of 1000$, and the rest the sum would be covered by the insurance.

Additional services:

You spent a lot of hours on finding a rental car?! Do not worry! We could help you!  

Our best company can suggest you a high class of cars for the different tastes. We have good prices for cars. If you would like to know more information about our company and our product, you may just call or write to our knowledgeable specialists and they will answer you on any question which is interesting for you. We can help not only to you but also to your business partners, friends and relatives.  

Our company gives services on the very easy terms for our clients:
- Car renting for a long term without a driver
- Car rent for a short term without a driver
- We can provide hotel accommodation
- We can organize a meeting in the airport
- Car renting with a driver
- We can provide 4X4 cars for self-driving  
- If you need a guide we can suggest you


    Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan countries can be visited by you! Nowadays you have unbelievable opportunity to attend Central Asian countries which included the visit of their capitals such as Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe with adorable architecture and history. Spending interesting holidays in your life. It is incredible to accept auto in rent and ride into the mountains where you may forget about life difficulties so to say it is place for your soul. Our service can suggest we you because we are the superior car rent company on the cars for rent market. It is recommendable to you in accordance with excellent reports and our car rent company accepts the leading role. It is required you to do only one thing just make a letter for us and unforgettable voyage can be organized for you. Appropriate auto can be selected to you for the tour and travelling will be around amazing Tien Shan Mountains. The situation of our company is Bishkek city. Cars for rent can be booked as in Almaty as in Dushanbe. The cars for rent can be passed in the same cities. It is great chance of seeing Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. We are doing execution of documents by ourselves. The superior service will assured to you.

    When you accept the auto you can make mixed tour for example not just in Kyrgyzstan but also in Tajikistan and of course to have some days in Kazakhstan. You do not have phantasy how many adorable sites will be visited, how many memorials can be seen. You may have a wonderful opportunity sleeping in the yurt which is traditional national house of people from Central Asia. The real hospitality will be seeing by you. People who live in Central Asia are so kind and they are fond of meeting travellers, invite them into the yurt and make a cup of tea with bread. It is impossible to refuse from the piece of bread because it is symbol of their hospitality and bread means something holy. People are fond of telling you about various interesting customs and traditions.

    Would you like to have such tour? So it is elementary just to write a message or just call. And as soon as it is possible answer you our workers. And prepare a special tour with auto in rent only special for you. We assure the super tour you where will be the meeting with various cultures and seeing other nature not like in your country. Take an auto in rent and have unforgettable journey around mountainous country.

    Hello! Salam! Salem!!! Special tour for you!!! Do not skip the possibility of attendance Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. So hospitable countries are admirable of attending where since pristine period of time customs and traditions are still saved by the folk. Our firm is the car rent company who for your voyage a right auto can be chosen. So to say our car rent company by the matched prices superb cars for rent is proposed. The firm who has dealing on the cars for rent market can offer sundry autos you which are corresponded not only for the adventure trip around remarkable Tien Shan Mountains but also for business admissions in Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. First of all with cars for rent, second factor - with glorious service, in third - with veritable prices which are not too high as in other car rent companies must be raptured by every customer. It is elementary of our company finding in Bishkek city which is our disposition and Bishkek city is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It is elementary of electronic mail sending. You have the necessity of knowing that factor that you can seize and return the auto not only in Bishkek city, but also in Almaty which is known as the city of Kazakhstan and Dushanbe which is known as the capital of Tajikistan.

    Now it is elementary of an auto ordering and having unforgettable voyage for instance to Tash Rabat caravanserai. This is marvelous gorge with Kara - Koen name where the caravanserai collocated. It is collocated on the height more than 3500 meters above sea level. Presently historians suppose about this site as caravanserai or prison or it can be applied monastery for pilgrims. In XI century AD it was constructed when Karahanid Empire controlled on the terrain of Kyrgyzstan. That sector was very noble during the growth of Great Silk Road. The caravans with camels had passed through that site and some of them stayed for night. So it is remarkable idea of attending this place now. But you an auto in rent having and you may drive everywhere!

Our car rent company in Kyrgyzstan is one of the leading agencies in Bishkek and is able to provide the best cars for rent all over in Kyrgyzstan.

If you do not want to care about road and driving you can rent a car with driver this way leaving all the responsibility behind.

The fairness will ensure you a safe and comfortable travel in our country with our rental cars.

Our agency can suggest you different touristic services as guided excursions, hotel booking and many other, besides the exclusive car rent services.

Our specialists offer you cars for rent in excellent condition that every year undergo all inspections in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the Kyrgyz republic.

Car rent without driver has become popular in Kyrgyzstan long ago.

We are glad to provide you very good cars for rent and organize a trip of your dream.

Before the summer break you have got very little time so you should hurry and rent a car for your journey and our rental agency will help you.

Our service completely meets all the requirements of international standards accepted by the international company regarding car rent services in Kyrgyzstan. 

If you love mountains, rent a car and explore our beautiful Kyrgyzstan! 

In order to use our car rent services, you just write us an e-mail and our managers will give you more information about how to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.