Kyrgyzstan has the sunny weather; there are about 247 sunny days per year in the country. It is because of the fact that the territory of Kyrgyzstan is removed from the oceans and this country is located in the heart of the continent, which is surrounded by mountains. The climate in Kyrgyzstan is characterized by low rainfall and more heat from the sun so that we can ensure a wonderful vacation for months, starting from spring to late autumn. The mountains have a direct impact on the atmosphere. Kyrgyz Republic is a republic with a continental climate. You may find here a little rainfall. The temperature changes from between 16° and 24°C (61-75°F) in July to between -6° and - 4°C (21-24°F) in January on the lowlands. The temperatures changes from 8° and 12°C (46-54°F) in July  to between -20° and -14°C (-4-7°F) in January on the highlands. There a lot of snow in the winter in mountains.