Culture of Kyrgyz people

The history of Kyrgyz people starts with their moving from Siberia to the Tien Shan Mountans. Kyrgyz people were nomads and they lived in tribes. They were engaged in cattle breeding. They grew sheep, cows, goats and horses. Horses were main animals for the people, because most part of their life they spent on horseback. They were nomads and they changed life places every season. And of course horses were pack animals during that time. Also the horse was the best friend of the soldier. Sometimes soldiers were buried with their horses.

Nowadays the Kyrgyz still play horseback games during big holidays and festivals. They play such game as "Odarysh" which is like wrestling on horses. They play "Kyz Kumay" the name of the game will be translated as to catch up the girl. The girl gets the best horse and the boy gets he worst horse, he must catches up her and kisses her on the run. If he does it he may marry her if she agrees. If he does not do it he will be bitten by her with a help of whip.

Since childhood boys are engaged in cattle breeding.

An ornamental art of Kyrgyz people was born a long time ago. Kyrgyz desire to create incredibly beautiful examples of folk fantasy and perfection of artistic vision. Communion with nature, with its snowcapped mountain peaks, fast rivers, and high valleys formed character and delicate artistic taste of the Kyrgyz people. Since childhood girls are engaged in the traditional handicraft. They make traditional colorful carpets. These carpets they make of sheep's wool. The most popular rugs are "Shyrdak" and "Ala Kiiz" which will be translated as colorful carpet made of several colors of wool. Women can also sew traditional carpets like "Tush Kiis". This is embroidery on fabric. Women teach their daughters how to sew "Kurak", the carpet which is made of nothing. They do not throw away their old cloth just cut off small pieces of fabric and sew them closely.

The yurt is a traditional Kyrgyz home which is convenient because of it portable. The yurt consists of wood sticks. And when people put the yurt on the ground it takes an hour. First they put the doors of the yurt on the ground which called as "Bosogo" then they put walls of yurt which are called "Kerege". And at the end of the construction somebody holds a long stick and the roof is on the top of this long stick. Then they tie up the roof of the yurt with walls. The name of the roof is "Tunduk". The yurt has a round form. At the end of the construction people cover the yurt with the carpets. Kyrgyz people still use the yurts. You may see yurts not only in mountains but also in cities and villages during large holidays like wedding, child birth or death.

The yurt divided on two parts they are men's side which is left side and women's side which is right side. Men's side called as "Er jak" and women's side called "Epchi Jak". There are utensils, cloth, jewelries on the women's side. There are horse's equipment, saddles, whips and weapons on the men's side. There is a fire in the middle of the yurt. You cannot spit in the fire because you will be cursed. Fire for Kyrgyz people is something holly. There is an important place for the respective people which is located in front of the doors.


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