Kyrgyz people have a very wonderful and interesting history since the Stone Age. A lot of tribes existed on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. There were a lot of battles and wars. Kyrgyz people gave a lot blood for their independence. Kyrgyz people were great soldiers. Many troops crossed Kyrgyzstan for instance Djingis Khan. He visited Kyrgyzstan in thirteen's centure AD. 

You can find 5000-year-old stone inscriptions in Kyrgyzstan which are belong to the Saks tribes. 3000-year-old town  Osh (southern part of Kyrgyzstan) which is pointed on that fact that people inhabited here. Kyrgyz tribes were nomadic tribes and they came in Kyrgyzstan more than two thousand years ago. Kyrgyz tribes moved from the Siberian region from Yenisey river and organized the Kyrgyz Khanate on the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

The Khanate of Karakhanids consisted of Turkic tribes was built up in the 6 th century. They built a city named as Balasagun in 11 th centure AD (this ciy was named in honor of philosopher), which you can visit today.  This is Burana-tower which was built in 11 th centure AD. The first height of the tower is 40 - 45 meters but because of the earthquake its height is 20- 25 meters. Djingis Khan visited this city In the 13 th century. He liked that town very much.

Djingis Khan established the Mongol Khanate. When the powerful emperor Mongke died then the Khanate was divided into many small ones. The territory of nowadays Kyrgyzstan was the part of the Chagatai Khanate.

Sometimes ago it was turned into the Kokand Khanate, Uzbeks dominated in it, but because of uprising in 1873 - 1874 the territory of  Kyrgyzstan was the part of the Russian Empire. When the October Revolution was in Soviet Union since that time Kyrgyzstan became the part of the Soviet Union since 1936.

Kyrgyzstan got its independence in 1991 when the Soviet Union was broken. 


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