Horse Riding Tour


Day 1: Bishkek - Kochkor 
You arrive early in the morning in Manas airport. You will be transferred to the hotel in Bishkek. You may have a rest a little bit. Today you have small city tour in the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek. You will see the main square in Bishkek which is Ala Too square. The name of the square will be translated as colorful mountains. This square was built in 1980. Then you can go on the Osh bazaar which is traditional Asian market full of goods. Then you will be transferred to Kochkor village.  The distance between Bishkek city and Kochkor village is 260 km. Lunch will be on the way to Kochkor city. Optionally if you would like we can organize visiting the felt carpet workshop, where you can have a chance to make traditional national felt carpets. Also you may buy here souvenirs for your family.  Dinner and overnight will be organized in the guest house of Kyrgyz family.


Day 2: Kochkor - Kilemche - Jaman Echki
Today you have an early breakfast then you will be transferred to Jumgal valley. This is a start point of the horse riding tour. We meet our guide and the man with horses and begin our route. During the horseback riding we cross Kyzyl-Kiya jailoo. This is a huge meadow which is full of grass. We cross the Chaar-Archa Pass which is located at the altitude of 3 061 m above sea level. And we appear in the Chaar-Archa Valley. This is one of the most beautiful valleys in Kyrgyzstan. We have a lunch on the Kilemche jailoo, the Kyrgyz word "Jailoo" can be translated into the English language as pasture. In the time of lunch we have amazing panorama view of holy Baba-Ata Mountain. The height of this mountain is 4400 m.

We continue our horseback riding tour after the lunch to Jylgyz Karagai pass. This pass is located on the height of 3400 m. Then we ride over the Song - Kol Mountains. And see beautiful lake. Now the horseback riding gives us an opportunity to see a glorious Kilemche jailoo. We cannot see the Son - Kul Lake like on our hand but several hours of riding and we can see it. The Song - Kul Lake is located on the altitude of 3016 meters above sea level. This lake is full of fish. The main species of fish is Peled. You can meet there amazing sunset in the yurt camp with a view on Song - Kul lake.

Horseback riding time is about 5-6 hours.                                                                                         

In the evening you will have a dinner and you spend a night in the NoviNomad Yurt camp.

Day 3: Jaman Echki - Tulpar-Tash 
In the morning you have a breakfast. Then you start your horse riding which will be about 4-6 hours along the lake. You will meet a lot of local Kyrgyz families here. Families of Naryn region who are doing cattle breeding they prefer to put the yurts and the cattle here. The territory of Song - Kul Lake has a lot of pastures which are full of grass. They usually live here from June till September.  You will see a real nomadic life and of course have a chance to try traditional alcoholic drink "Kumyz" which is made of mare's milk.

Horseback riding time is about 4-6 hours

In the evening you will have a dinner and you spend a night in CBT yurts.

Day 4: Tulpar Tash - Tulga-Tash
You have breakfast in the morning. Then you start your horse riding and it will be about 4-6 hours. You will visit stone circles which are located on the southern part of Son-Kul Lake. "Tash-Tulga" or "Tulga-Tash" means hearth, which is built of stones. They are called "eight-stone memorial fences" according to the archeological literature. These eight-stone memorials fences are dated to I century BC, the same stones were founded in Altai, Tuva and western Mongolia. These eight stones belong to the Saks era. Saks tribe was the first tribe who lived on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. And these stones symbolized their cemeteries. Tash-Tulga consists of altars - eight-stone ones, they are without the mounds, it is considered to be a difference with Altai monuments. Each altar consists of eight stones, which are laid in a circle, with an average diameter of 1-1.3 meters. There are nine eight-stone memorials. They lay in a single line looking on the north-south for 200 m. Tash-Tulga consists of the composition with a numeral symbolism. Since ancient times Tash-Tulga was used by shepherds for their rituals.

Horseback riding time is about 4-6 hours

In the evening you will have a dinner and you spend a night in the Ak - Sai Yurt camp.

Day 5: Song-Kul lake - Bishkek
After the breakfast you will be transferred to Bishkek city. The distance between Song - Kul Lake and Bishkek is 350 km. You will visit Burana Tower on the way back. It was built in the XI century AD. In that period of time Karahanids tribe was very famous. They built the city named as Balasagun where the tower was located. The city was gotten its name in honor to the philosopher of that year Balasagun. This city was popular in the time of Great Silk Road. The first elevation of the tower was 45 meters. But it was an earthquake and it was broken. Now the elevation of the tower is 25meters.

You will spend a night in a small private hotel.

Day 6: Bishkek
You will be transferred to Manas Airport early in the morning. Flight home.

The level of tour's difficulty: This tour will be advised for those tourists who begin the horseback riding (the time of horseback riding is approximately 4-6 hours per day).

Horse and luggage - You will have horseback riding on the shepherds Kyrgyz horses. This type of horse is not big but these horses are very strong. This type of horses can make long distances on the high mountain routes.

The traditional Kyrgyz saddles are used during the horseback riding. These saddles are like American Cowboys saddles. Each saddle is equipped with bags where you can put your personal luggage.

During the horse riding you can take the part of your total luggage which you will use during the days of horseback riding the rest luggage you may live in the car. This luggage will be packed on your horse on the saddle bags. The rest of the luggage you can keep in the car and receive it after 2 days at the last Yurt camp.

Horse for the luggage - If you would like to take all your luggage with you and put everything on the other horse it will be possible for additional payment.