Heights of the Kyrgyzstan land

Before embarking on their tour, travelers should become acquainted with Kyrgyzstan's highlands. Because Kyrgyzstan is comprised of mountain ranges, renting a car will need driving through them. Peaks, gorges, and valleys are all part of a mountain chain.

Travelers who rent a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour can learn about the country's climate and see some of the country's remote alpine regions. The majority of mountains are 1000 meters or higher above sea level, with 71% of them above 2000 meters.

Heights of the Kyrgyzstan land, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

The Tien Shan Mountain Range, located in Central Asia, is the region's largest mountain range. While our border guards are aware of the Tien Shan Range's presence in our country, they are unsure of its scope. The east and center ranges, as well as the inner ranges, are separated from the north and west mountains. The glacier's land is likewise being removed. Pobeda and Khan Tengri are both over 7000 meters tall. Tours and car rent in Kyrgyzstan will take you to 23 mountains with elevations surpassing 6000 meters.