Kyrgyz traditional drinks

An important aspect of the nomadic people who had moved through the mountains, valleys and steppes were traditional Kyrgyz drinks. We note in this instance that the drinks are nutritious and tasty. They're normal and successful, though. So, we wanted to check out the drinks suggested for car rental that should be tasted on a tour of Kyrgyzstan.

It is extracted from the milk of the mare and plays an important part in the lives of the inhabitants of the Kyrgyz. It is understood that it is vital to have milk mares for approximately 1,5 hours in order to obtain milk. This drink is made use of by nomads on the pastures, served in leather pots and bags. As with the products of Kymyz, a certain number of vitamins are known as well as tasty by individuals.

Maksym and Jarma
Talkan appears to be made of Maksym, and is made from cereals such as wheat cereal, flour and even fried fat. Visitors can see today's drinking system as the tour opens the door for residents to travel and see for their own eyes how they add water, salt and boil cereals for a certain amount of time, then leave for around 10 hours to cool. Taking Jarma in a warm state is also beneficial and nourishing. Plus, drink it on a tour of Kyrgyzstan if you're thirsty.

Another famous drink made from cow's milk is Airan. This is a drink that's made with healthy bacteria. The processing process can be seen during the Lexus LX470 car rental tour in Kyrgyzstan, when the milk is heated, then cooled and fermented for approximately 8 hours. It's a reservoir that can be used for hunger relief.

Ak serke
The other common drink, known as ak serke, is made from beef broth. It is understood that 1 liter of Bolion is blended with 200 grams of salt and buttermilk. It would be left to remain muddy. If the guests are hungry, they should have a drink and forget about their food.

Bozo, for the Kyrgyz people, is one of the most unique drinks. They are both made from millet, maize, wheat or rice, which are natural foods. It is always given to the locals, who are the most delicious and least successful, to choose the strongest bozo. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, anyone in the world can do anything they want to use the car rental facility.


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