Manas complex

Many locals and boarders on tours find Kyrgyzstan to be a rich country, such as the Manas complex, from the perspective of historical sites of great importance. It is located 22 km from Talas and could be the spot to do the tour in Tash Aryk.

The field contained in Kyrgyzstan is often referred to as 'Manas Ordo' and the area is estimated to be around 2.25 km2. The capacity for car rental in Kyrgyzstan is seen to be excellent as tourists visit the complex erected in honor of the hero Manas in this situation. It is known as the gumbez for him and other heroes of the world and the country.

There are thoughts that those who pass through this place will learn that, according to the other tradition, it was originally built in 1334, but for the burial of the daughter of Emir Abuka. To protect the complex, The Balbals of the Stone Warriors were set up. It is worth travelling to Kyrgyzstan and renting a car for tours.