Traditional clothes

Our team provides you with a special article regarding Kyrgyz traditional clothes so that when traveling around Kyrgyzstan with Bishkek car rent service, you can have an idea of ​​them. In addition, we inform you that we implement tours with rent a car service of any complexity through which you will learn not only about Kyrgyz traditional clothes, but also a lot of interesting things about the country and also visit the best places. Today, if the travelers want to travel around Kyrgyzstan, learn about customs, traditions, culture, and see Kyrgyz traditional clothes, then they use for the tour rent a car service.

Therefore, the traditional Kyrgyz clothing that travelers are going to study is the most indicator of the spiritual and nomadic way of life of the Kyrgyz people, and for about 700 years it has been and remains unique. And yes, clothes are directly related to the way of life, you will be convinced of this during the tour with rent a car service when you see that the Kyrgyz traditional clothes have been adapted to the nomadic way of life. After all, the nomads had to feel as comfortable as possible wearing these clothes at a height among the winds.

Today it is impossible in our modern world to meet a person dressed in traditional clothes during the tour in Kyrgyzstan, and that is why our Bishkek car rent service exists so that travelers can visit museums and look at traditional clothes. Therefore, if a traveler goes to a museum, then he understands that men wore trousers "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar". Moreover, both men and women that were made from the fur of a wolf, a fox, and a lynx wore a warm coat «Ichik». The men of that time also wore Chokoy and Charyk shoes and tebetey, kalpak and malakai headdresses. And also find out that women liked to wear beldemchi skirts. The hats of young girls at that time were decorated with bird feathers, with various traditional decorations, pearls and precious stones. Moreover, the same young girls wore a chiptama jacket. Travelers, if they find themselves on the tour with rent a car service during national holidays, will be able to go to the main square of the country because there will be an event and you can see people in traditional clothes.

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